Site Traffic Revealer

Deanonymyze website traffic in real-time

Features of Site Traffic Revealer

  • Deanonymization of site visitors through five firmographic and three RollWorks account level attributes
  • Real-time data
  • Integrates with RollWorks ecosystem partners to facilitate web and chat personalization and data ingestion into Google Analytics and customers’ data warehouses

Benefits of Site Traffic Revealer

Identify known and unknown site visitors:

  • Dynamically deliver relevant messaging and personalized web content
  • Personalize chat conversations with tailored messaging and calls-to-action
  • Route site visitors to chat with the right rep or team assigned to the account

Obtain more account data:

  • Understand which accounts are visiting your website and how account-based strategies are impacting traffic behavior
  • Ingest more account data to your data warehouses for further account analysis and profiling
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How Site Traffic Revealer Works

  • Configure and install RollWorks Pixel on your website.
  • Activate the ‘Site Traffic Revealer’ in the RollWorks platform.
  • RollWorks will begin to deanonymize all site traffic. We leverage multiple signals and data sources at the time of de-anonymization and consider multiple perspectives to determine who that visitor is with high confidence – our proprietary data assets, and leaders within the audience data and Domain maps.
  • RollWorks will send deanonymized account-level data to connected platforms so you can engage effectively when it matters and have additional account-level data to inform your account-based strategies. Note that separate packages and accounts are required to integrate RollWorks with its partners’ platforms.
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