The Ecosystem of Best In Class Account-Based Solutions

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The Ecosystem of Best In Class Account-Based Solutions

RollWorks Partner Ecosystem

Rollworks Partner Ecosystem V3

“We first applied the RollWorks’ integration with LinkedIn to our showcase page for our Healthcare market, which was originally intended to serve as a top-of-funnel touchpoint to engage with new contacts. Through RollWorks' targeting capabilities with LinkedIn's expansive network, the page gained 1,000 followers from those target accounts in just three months and is showing no signs of slowing down.”

— Sam Kuehnle, Digital Marketing Team Lead, Blackbaud
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“The ease of use in tapping audiences from HubSpot combined with RollWorks’ targeting, data and measurement capabilities allows us to prioritize and prove ROI, which is fundamental to our business growth. The integration offers end-to-end funnel visibility for our ABM efforts; from an account’s first ad impression to a closed deal.”

— Shrimithran Mithran, Pipeline Marketing Manager, Chargebee

“We’re able to see in Salesforce how our campaigns with RollWorks helped get accounts over the hump into closed-won. It’s awesome using the different types of campaign tactics in tandem. First, our campaigns build audience, and then they accelerate accounts through the pipeline.”

— Brian Steel, Senior Marketing Manager, PayScale
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