With Enhanced Reporting Capabilities, RollWorks Gives HubSpot® Users More Insights into Customer Behavior over Time

Account-based marketing leader now provides a lookback period of up to 90 days

San Francisco, CA

OCTOBER 6, 2022Account-based marketing platform RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, today strengthened its reporting capabilities for HubSpot users. The new capabilities give B2B marketers more insights into the trends of their customers’ behaviors and activities. They also have more flexibility to use these insights in workflows they set up, allowing them to better automate their processes and act more intuitively with their account-based strategies. 

Now, customers can view their advertising campaign engagement metrics and other important account-level data from RollWorks in HubSpotsuch as RollWorks Impressions, Advertising Spend, Clicks, Page Views, and Conversions—as a sum of all activity by a company for the last 7, 30, 60, and 90 days since today’s date. Information is available in HubSpot Workflows to help automate processes.  

For example, a marketer can develop criteria based on account metrics to determine if the account is sales ready. When the criteria are met, a user can use HubSpot workflows to automatically create tasks for sales teams to reach out to the prospective account and assign it to the account owner. 

The enhancements mark the latest in a drumbeat of integrated innovation from the two leaders this year. In July, RollWorks launched Journey Events for HubSpot to enable B2B organizations to understand what activities are working to drive accounts through the stages of the buying journey, and which activities need to be further optimized. And in June, RollWorks announced RollWorks Sales Insights for HubSpot, which uses data science to provide a 360-degree view of accounts throughout the buying journey. 

Learn more about the new reporting capabilities in HubSpot and the secret sauce behind RollWorks’ 500+ installs of its HubSpot integration in the HubSpot App Marketplace, 150% more than the nearest ABM competitor.