RollWorks Unveils New Personalization Integration with Intellimize to Help B2B Marketers Better Identify Site Visitors for More Relevant Experiences

New partnership creates more cohesive account-based campaign-to-website experiences for B2B companies

San Francisco, CA

July 21, 2022 – Account-based marketing platform RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, today announced it has partnered with Intellimize, a leading website conversion optimization and dynamic personalization platform, to help B2B organizations scale more personalized experiences for each visitor so they can convert more, even faster. 

“Intellimize’s low-touch, high-return conversion platform enables anyone to easily set up and optimize personalization efforts,” said Mike Stocker, VP of Partnerships at RollWorks. “Together, RollWorks and Intellimize help marketers turn account-level insight into optimized web content personalization to consistently and accurately target and engage accounts with messaging experiences that convert.”

The RollWorks and Intellimize integration scales personalization using advanced machine learning that takes into account different audiences and their contextual changes in real-time. B2B organizations can optimize these personalized variations toward conversion goals like sign-ups, sales, and downloads.

The integration combines the RollWorks Site Visitor API (which helps B2B marketers better understand their anonymous website traffic) and the Intellimize Continuous Conversion™ platform for a more cohesive ABM campaign-to-website experience, and better, faster business results. Now, customers can:
  • Run simultaneous personalized experiences to ensure smarter, faster conversion results across ABM initiatives.
  • Identify both known and unknown website visitors in real-time through firmographic data (domain, company name, industry, company size, revenue) and RollWorks Journey Stages account-level data. 
  • Dynamically personalize headlines, body copy, or images to key ABM decision-makers that deliver more value.
  • Dynamically change variables such as logo rivers, case studies, images, CTAs for each industry, company or persona to speak to their individual needs.
  • Dynamically change content in real-time to create the most meaningful customer experience and business results, whether the visitor is a new or repeat browser, or returning customer.
  • Ensure a consistent omnichannel experience with RollWorks-powered firmographic and account-level data to identify and engage accounts across channels like display ads, landing pages, and on-site chat.
  • “RollWorks’ account-level capabilities enable marketers to transform real time website‌ ‌visitor‌ ‌data‌ into valuable insights that power web, chat, and landing page personalization wherever they are in their buyer journey,” said Guy Yalif, CEO at Intellimize. “Our integration enhances any account-based marketing team’s ability to create meaningful tailored experiences for key accounts, especially at a critical time in our economy where teams are needing to achieve more with less.”

    Head to RollWorks’ website to learn more about the RollWorks and Intellimize integration and how you can access account-level insights to activate chat and website personalization.