RollWorks Strengthens its Prowess in B2B Advertising Performance

Account-based leader rolls out foundational platform enhancements across identification, self-service, and cross-channel orchestration

San Francisco, CA

August 25, 2022 – Account-based marketing platform RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, today announced a series of product innovations and enhancements—including Account List Builder, Pixel Assistant, and Site Traffic Revealer—the latest in increasing momentum as the account-based marketing (ABM) platform high-growth companies rely on for accurate reach at scale and precise targeting to accelerate revenue.

RollWorks built the industry’s most robust, multi-source account-based data foundation. While many offerings leverage demand-side partners, RollWorks offers one of the only end-to-end, entirely native B2B DSPs in the market. With its advanced machine learning that empowers organizations to reap efficiencies without sacrificing conversion, RollWorks helps B2B businesses efficiently and accurately reach their target audiences that matter most. Additionally, RollWorks has expansive and deep supply partnerships with companies like Google™, MoPub™, OpenX™, The Trade Desk™, and Xandr™, to enable B2B customers to reach target audiences wherever they are.

“Modern B2B advertising is about harnessing precision at scale. RollWorks gives B2B organizations market-leading advertising performance that can move the needle in accelerating and optimizing conversion at any stage in the sales funnel,” said Randi Barshack, CMO of RollWorks. “We have tremendous pride in being able to help our customers eradicate irrelevant ad spend and focus investment by reaching the exact B2B buying audiences they need for their business.” 

RollWorks Rebrands Site Visitor API to Site Traffic Revealer

The wildly successful RollWorks Site Visitor API helps B2B marketers better understand all of their website traffic to create a more tailored experience for accounts visiting and to analyze trends over time. It enables account-level identification, including firmographic and RollWorks account-level details of site visitors in real-time for more engaging, account-centric visitor experiences. 

Building on momentum and industry demand, RollWorks has renamed Site Visitor API to RollWorks Site Traffic Revealer – a name that broadly captures the function of the API while clearly focusing on RollWorks’ powerful and popular deanonymization capability. 

In June, RollWorks announced significant enhancements to Site Traffic Revealer that further advance the integration of account-level insight into web content personalization. The company built upon its foundation, shoring up product infrastructure for the third-party cookieless future with the addition of LiveRamp RampID, a cookieless, people-based identifier that identifies individuals across devices and environments to its identifier roster. Through the use of multiple identifiers, RollWorks gives B2B marketers more accurate and precise targeting. 

New RollWorks Pixel Assistant 

The new RollWorks Pixel Assistant is a tool to validate an organization’s Pixel integration, visualize website audiences, and tag conversion pages, which help drive better campaign performance. A self-serve, wizard-style extension of the platform that sits on top of a customer’s website, the assistant allows organizations to check pixel health and configure their set up to ensure their websites are optimized for success – all without a consultation.

To learn more about RollWorks Pixel Assistant, watch this short demo

RollWorks Account List Builder Enhancements

In order to support marketing and sales cross-channel orchestration across marketing automation, sales automation, gifting, and more, RollWorks released enhancements to its Account List building experience that build flexible and niche audiences using multi-dimensional  intent and engagement data that RollWorks provides. These enhancements enable customers to build audiences based on intent topics – for example, accounts demonstrating intent for topic A and topic B – as well as 6 additional data sources: 

  • – Account News: news related to an account’s financial performance, organization structure and changes, and product launches
  • – Website Activity: account-level page views, unique visitors, URLs visited, and conversions
  • – Advertising Activity: impressions and clicks
  • – Salesforce Activity: any activity logged in Salesforce, including activities like email sends, email opens, phone calls, and more
  • – HubSpot Engagement: any engagement logged in HubSpot, including engagements like email sends, email opens, phone calls, and more
  • – Marketo Activity: any activity logged in Marketo including activities like email sends, email opens, phone calls, and more

“Our consistent cadence of product innovation demonstrates our team’s commitment to bring new capabilities to market that arm marketing and sales teams with more intelligence and enable them to effectively execute and measure account-based advertising,” said Justin Cooperman, SVP of Product at RollWorks.