RollWorks Expands Journey Events, Further Enabling B2B Sellers to Leverage Vital Account Insights within CRM Solutions

San Francisco, CA

July 27, 2022 – Account-based marketing platform RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, today announced the launch of Journey Events for Salesforce to help marketing and sales teams visualize how their activities drive account progression and turn data into actionable insights. This integration builds on RollWorks’ breadth of capabilities to empower B2B sales teams—earlier this month, the company launched RollWorks Journey Events for HubSpot, which brings the power of buyer journey stage data directly within CRM. RollWorks Journey Events gives sales teams one easy, automated visualization into their account events from within and outside of RollWorks to see how they are driving account progression. Seeing how an account is influenced while moving through the buying journey allows organizations to understand what is working and what needs refinement in their ABM program to create lockstep customer engagements. 
Specific features of Journey Events for Salesforce include: 
  • Event Timeline. View activity data like SDR emails sent and opened, meetings booked, opportunities opened/progressed, and deals closed from Salesforce alongside. RollWorks Web and Ad engagement data in a single timeline to see a comprehensive look at ABM program events.
  • Journey Stage Visualization. View an account’s stage progression or regression next to account engagement and activity to understand what activities across channels are more efficient at driving accounts through the buying journey. This helps sellers plan and personalize outreach by identifying the optimal time to contact an account and tailor messaging based on the last action that may have had an effect. 
  • “Journey Events for Salesforce is a fantastic illustration of the power of ABM and CRM working together to deliver deep insights for revenue teams of all sizes,” said Darragh Fitzpatrick, Chief Revenue Officer at RollWorks. “With the addition of this solution, RollWorks has given the majority of go-to-market teams consolidated account-level visibility within Salesforce. Our own revenue team leverages this integration and has found it to be useful to understand what activities are driving progression and what messaging will resonate with prospects.”

    For more information on how ABM enhances your own inbound strategies, visit RollWorks to learn more about the company’s partnership with Salesforce.