RollWorks Doubles Down on Personalization, Enhancing its Account-Based Capabilities with More Granular Account-Level Data

Account-based marketing leader’s latest product updates further help B2B marketers turn insight into action and prove marketing ROI

San Francisco, CA

June 16, 2022 – Account-based marketing platform RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, today celebrated continued momentum across its platform as the ABM leader high-growth companies rely on to accelerate revenue.

The company announced significant enhancements to features of its Site Visitor API that further advances the incorporation of account-level insight into web content personalization. RollWorks now supports LiveRamp’s identifier, RampID™ across channels, as it continues to shore up product infrastructure to ready itself for a future without third-party cookies.

“Our drumbeat of product innovation demonstrates our continued investment in technology that helps our customers better identify and understand their anonymous website traffic to create a more tailored experience for accounts visiting,” said Justin Cooperman, VP, Product Management at RollWorks.

RollWorks Personalization: Platform Enhancements and Pricing
The RollWorks Site Visitor API helps B2B marketers better understand their anonymous website traffic to create a more tailored experience for accounts visiting and to analyze trends over time. It enables account-level identification, including firmographic details of site visitors in real-time for more engaging, account-centric visitor experiences. With its latest Site Visitor API update, customers can now identify website visitors across more account-level data, such as whether a visitor is part of a RollWorks
Target Account List, Account Group or Journey Stage.

“RollWorks’ Site Visitor API helps marketers turn their data into account-based insights, thanks to our rich data assets, ability to ingest first- and third-party data, and machine-learning models,” added Cooperman.

With these updates, RollWorks makes it easier for B2B marketing and sales teams to understand who their ideal customers are and prioritize accounts to outreach to:

  • Create a new account list based on ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) fit scoring model
  • See firmographic attributes – company size, revenue, industry, etc. – that make up an ICP
  • Automatic sync of modeling data from an ICP fit grade back to Salesforce and HubSpot 
  • The Site Visitor API is now included in all pricing plans, so all RollWorks customers can access account level insights to activate chat and website personalization. Visit here to learn more.

    RollWorks Adds RampID to Identifier Bench
    In addition to the company’s own identifiers, RollWorks now supports RampID, a cookieless, people-based, privacy-first identifier. Advertisers leveraging RampID can unlock premium inventory, additional reach in cookieless browsers, and improved marketing tactics such as people-based audience targeting, frequency capping, and more. With more accurate and precise targeting through the use of multiple identifiers, RollWorks gives B2B marketers:

  • The ability to reach Apple device and Safari browser users that have been harder to target since Apple began blocking tracking methods in 2017
  • The ability to reach Firefox browser users that have been harder to target since Mozilla began blocking third-party cookies in 2019
  • A futureproofed user-level targeting method that will enable users to maintain their reach when Google blocks tracking methods in late 2023
  • Visit to learn more about how RollWorks can help streamline your ABM operations and drive more revenue.