RollWorks Augments Account Data Foundation for B2B Marketers and Sellers with Launch of “Account News”

New proprietary data set further helps cross-functional teams better prioritize and manage accounts to accelerate revenue growth

San Francisco, CA

March 7, 2022 – With the launch of Account News, account-based marketing platform RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, continues to expand its account data foundation for B2B marketing and sales teams of all sizes looking to accelerate revenue growth. Part of the RollWorks Identification solution, Account News sits alongside Account Intent (in partnership with Bombora) and newly-launched G2 Buyer Intent to give B2B marketers a more powerful way to capture multi-faceted, account-level intent signals.

“We’re excited to augment and expand our intent data set with Account News. Insights from intent data are an essential part of a data-driven strategy, providing a huge competitive advantage when it comes to understanding buying behavior change and account purchase readiness. Our intent data, used in conjunction with our fit and engagement signals, only helps prospects make smarter decisions on prioritizing and managing accounts,” said Justin Cooperman, VP, Product Management at RollWorks. “Thanks to the collective data science and technology of RollWorks and NextRoll, our core team was able to build this in record time to solve immediate needs for customers.”

Account News surfaces insights from more than 20,000 news sources across 30MM+ accounts to provide critical information on daily changes to certain account-level attributes. RollWorks users can now utilize important news related to an account’s financial performance (IPOs and fundraises), organization structure (including leadership changes), and launches (such as product releases and new partnerships) to prioritize accounts and further personalize outreach. Account News signals are currently surfaced within Journey Events and will be included in additional RollWorks products, including Sales Insights and Account List builder, in the coming months. RollWorks’ latest feature release continues the momentum the account-based marketing leader began in 2021 with the launch of Journey Stages and Journey Events, which helps customers turn account progression and regression, and activity signals, into actionable insights.
  • Journey Stages brings clarity to the buying journey. It helps B2B teams of all sizes pinpoint where accounts are in their buying journey, activate stage-specific multi-channel campaigns accordingly, and measure the effectiveness of their ABM programs.
  • Journey Events creates a holistic view of marketing and sales activities. It’s easy for teams to see how their ABM program is driving an account’s progression.
  • For more information on how RollWorks helps B2B marketing and sales teams more efficiently increase their pipeline velocity, drive accounts through to the next stage in the buying journey, and capture the highest return on their ABM investment, visit