With Groundbreaking New Consultative Program, RollWorks Helps B2B Companies Expedite Time to Value for Account-Based Marketing

“Accelerate” includes proprietary sets of hyper-prescriptive tactics and tailored measurable outcomes to help organizations capitalize on ABM investments and confidently map to their revenue growth

San Francisco, CA

July 7, 2022 – Account-based marketing platform RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, today launched Accelerate, a unique program that takes a hyper-prescriptive consultative approach toward helping B2B companies strengthen alignment between go-to-market teams and revenue growth. 

Created to help businesses take a planned and measured approach to maximize investments in account-based programs, Accelerate includes a proprietary set of programmed steps and outcomes that support an organization’s business and marketing goals, facilitates team alignment, determines the right set of tactics, and helps to determine the best measurable outcomes. The custom program is designed to meet customers’ needs, wherever they are on their ABM journey.

“The attention to detail and focus that organizations invest toward building their account-based strategies today will affect their bottom line now—and in the long term. And at the present moment when resource-strapped teams are pushed to do more with less, time-to-value is a critical component of organizational success,” said Allison Dyer, RollWorks’ Director of Revenue Consulting. “At RollWorks, we do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all path to realizing ABM value. With Accelerate, anyone can now quickly establish a baseline for measuring ABM success and exponentially gain value on an expedited trajectory.”

Accelerate starts with personalized ABM assessment, supported by 55 unique “readiness” attributes that build a solid foundation for growth and higher levels of performance. RollWorks then maps the organization’s assessment results to its proprietary Account-Based Progression Model focused on three areas:
  • Account-Based Foundation
  • Account-Based Program Management
  • Account-Based Measurement and Technology
  • “As a customer-centric sales organization, we believe in coaching our customers to success, rather than rushing them to signature. Accelerate is here to provide the strategic roadmap our customers need to feel confident and prepared to invest intelligently with ABM,” said Shawn Cook, VP of Sales at RollWorks. “With a value model appropriate to their unique circumstances, our customers can grow with their strategies and define their own pathway to success—especially critical at a time where ABM is being relied upon to create the efficiencies required in today’s market.”

    Available at no charge for customers, and included in all pricing plans, Accelerate includes:
  • Documented cross-functional team goals
  • Aligned account-based program strategies
  • Defined success KPIs for your account-based program
  • Added Dyer: “Accelerate is part of a larger investment by RollWorks to deliver a set of programs and resources across our organization designed to delight, teach, support, serve, and grow our customers. Our goal is to create a consistent experience for our customers, better understand what stage they are in, and how best to more proactively and confidently serve them.”

    To learn more about how the new Accelerate Program can help you make the most of your ABM programs, visit www.rollworks.com