With Beta Launch of Account Insights, RollWorks Can Now Show Marketers the Exact Moment When an Unknown Account Becomes “In Market”

San Francisco, CA

October 13, 2022—Account-based marketing platform RollWorks, a division of NextRoll,today announced the beta version of Account Insights, a capability that helps marketers better plan, execute, and optimize their account-based strategies.

Account Insights helps organizations shine a light on interesting moments about any account by surfacing accounts for marketers that are in market for solutions like theirs, but aren’t yet in their account list or CRM. It arms organizations to start out with the best possible list of accounts and not waste resources on accounts that aren’t ready to buy. It also gives marketer guidance on how to use the data that is surfaced.

“At any given moment, 95% of your buyers are not in market for your solution, but will remember your advertising if it resonates and you do a good enough job of building brand awareness,” said Jodi Cerretani, VP of Revenue Marketing, RollWorks. “By showing organizations the exact moment when an account moves from the 95% of out-of-market buyers to the 5% that are in market for a solution like theirs, they can catch those accounts they would otherwise miss right at the moment of sales opportunity.” 

The new Account Insights: 
  • Identifies accounts that require timely marketing and/or sales outreach because of fit, intent, and engagement signals, and helps the customer understand which actions to take. For example, add to account list, send to sales, add to campaign/advertising.
  • Finds in-market accounts (based on intent surging), looks at the customer’s CRM to see if those accounts exist, and if not, notifies customers of in-market accounts, how many there are, and gives them the opportunity to add those accounts to their CRM. 
  • Upcoming features will help marketers understand if they aren’t advertising to companies that are showing intent and engagement for accounts and automatically add them to advertising campaigns, as well as help organizations understand if there are accounts demonstrating intent and engagement that their sales team is not aware of and automatically surface those accounts to sales.

    Learn more about how RollWorks Account Insights can help turn your 95% into the 5%.