Build and prioritize your target account list with RollWorks

A validated target account list is the foundation of a smart account-based strategy. With the RollWorks Account-Based advertising Platform, you can now easily identify and prioritize the accounts your marketing and sales teams should spend the most time on.

Our Identification Solution uses machine-learning technology and our proprietary data set to build predictive models that determine the accounts more likely to close.

Request a demo to see how Target Account Selection builds a strong account-based program:

  • Focus budget and resources on the accounts that matter most
  • Surface new high value accounts based on advanced data science
  • Easily segment your target account list for ad campaigns

B2B marketers use RollWorks as their ABM platform

Oracle + Dyn

The Account-Based Readiness Assessment

Most ABM “playbooks” give one-size-fits-all advice, which might not apply to your unique challenges.

So read The Account-Based Readiness Assessment guide. You'll be able to assess exactly where you are on the account-based journey and get the best advice on how to uplevel.

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