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The 2021 State of ABM Report

March 17, 2021

In 2021, account-based marketing strategies are going beyond account identification, database quality, and personalized engagement. B2B marketers are taking their learnings from 2020 to gauge what worked — and what didn’t —to fuel future ABM plays with improved and more customized strategies for a digital-first world. 

This special report from Demand Gen Report, The 2021 State of ABM will cover: 

  • How integral ABM has become as a go-to-market strategy in a digital-first world
  • Tips from ABM leaders on how to execute and measure programs at scale 
  • Best practices and tools for engaging with target accounts virtually

Plus, you’ll see why research shows that 76% of companies with an ABM strategy saw higher ROI compared to other marketing strategies. Get the report. 

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