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Chief Marketer Special Report: Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing isn’t a new approach, but the ways B2B companies can laser-target their best prospects is constantly evolving. By adopting an account-based approach you’re able to concentrate your marketing efforts and budget on the accounts that are most likely to buy— so you can squeeze the most out of each and every program. 

We teamed up with Chief Marketer to bring you a special report that covers all the basics to lay the groundwork for a strong ABM program — from reaching the right people to nailing the right message. 

In this special report you’ll learn:

  • How experts from NS1, PitchBook, and Dialpad are using ABM to drive revenue growth 
  • Tips and tricks to make ABM work for your team (no matter its size) 
  • How to kickstart a successful ABM program by laying the right audience foundation 
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