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Account-Based Plays for 2020

December 11, 2019 Caroline Van Dyke

Are you ready to reach more accounts and drive more pipeline for your sales team? With this collection of top account-based plays, you'll discover how to build brand awareness, increase content consumption, and move your key accounts through the funnel. Beyond that, you'll find new ways to expand within existing accounts to increase revenue and make your leadership team give you the round of applause you deserve. 

What you'll get:

  • Aircover play with key tactics, goals, and learnings
  • Nurture play with key tactics, goals, and learnings
  • Expansion play with key tactics goals, and learnings
  • Plus...the best way to get in front of known and unknown contacts at your accounts

About the Author

Caroline Van Dyke

Caroline is a seasoned B2B content strategist with a love for actionable storytelling that helps build brands and inspire buyers. With her own experience launching a start-up’s very first ABM program, she now focuses on helping teams leverage account-based strategies through content at RollWorks. When she’s not busy typing a million words a minute, she can be found getting overly competitive at trivia, hiking with her dog, or watching the latest standup special on Netflix.

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