How Snowflake Scales Personalization to Create a Seamless Buyer Journey

February 10, 2021

For marketers, sourcing the right content at the right time and delivering it in a personalized experience is often the biggest barrier to success. Whether you are using ABM tactics to attract net new target accounts, or focusing on retention for your customers—you need to consider the control that you are giving your buyers.


Through leveraging content experience and intent data, Snowflake managed to successfully create a 1:1 personalized ABM program to over 1200 target accounts.


In this webinar, Hillary Carpio, Director of ABM at Snowflake, Randy Frisch, CMO at Uberflip, and Randi Barshack, CMO at RollWorks will dive into the strategy behind implementing a winning ABM strategy and where technology comes into play to accomplish success. You will:

1. Find out the marketecture you need to meet your ever-evolving customers’ expectations

2. Learn how you can expand your target account list in a scalable way

3. Leave with steps to implementing a cohesive and scalable ABM program infrastructure

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