ABM Tech Talks: RollWorks' Identification Solution

June 19, 2019 Caroline Van Dyke

Are you among the many account-based marketers running with mixed confidence around the precision and accuracy of your target account list? You’re not alone. TOPO found that 29% of companies said target account selection was a top challenge for their account-based programs.

With the power of your data and ours, marketers can choose the right target accounts and reach more contacts—helping you win more accounts. We’ll show you how to use RollWorks’ latest Identification Solution capabilities to build the strong foundation you need to excel at your account-based programs. In this webinar, RollWorks’ Product Manager, Mark Miller and Senior Product Marketing Manager, Vandana Mehra will take a deep dive into:

  • Why building a strong ideal customer profile (ICP) and target account list can either make or break your ABM efforts
  • How RollWorks’ tech stack of ICP Insights, Target Account Selection, and Contact Data sets account-based marketers up for success
  • Use cases of RollWorks’ Identification Solution and how it can help marketers propel ABM to the next level

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