The 2020 What's Working in ABM Report

September 23, 2020

ABM has become an integral component of most B2B marketing strategies, either supplementing traditional demand gen methods or as a primary go-to-market approach. According to Demand Gen Report’s 2019 ABM Benchmark Study, 50% of ABM practitioners have had an ABM strategy in place for more than a year, while 25% have been practicing ABM for six months to a year. 


Not only are the majority of B2B organizations implementing ABM, but many of them feel confident about their strategy — with 69% of practitioners who said that their ABM strategy exceeded their expectations. 

The COVID-19 health crisis has forced even the savviest ABM practitioners to adapt their ABM strategies to be sensitive to the new realities of people working from home, growing reliance on digital offers to supplement a lack of in-person events, and increasing expectations for value in relevance in all offers. But that hasn’t come with challenges. The DGR research showed that 33% are still in the early stages of their programs and many are looking to overcome ongoing challenges around alignment (46%), ROI measurement (43%), and data enrichment (22%) to improve their practice. 

This special report with Demand Gen Report and RollWorks will provide perspectives from some of the top analysts and consultants in the account-based category, as well as use case examples from ABM practitioners, covering topics such as: 

  • Strategies for identifying sectors and companies with the greatest need and likelihood to engage; 
  • New approaches to digital advertising to stay visible in front of key accounts; • The growing importance of data and insights on an ABM strategy; 
  • Tools and tactics to expand coverage, reach, and influence across all members of the buying committee; 
  • Alternative approaches ABM messaging and offers;
  • Best practices around organizational alignment and measurement; and
  • The future of ABM.
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