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How We Make A Difference

Four Ways Our Tech Changes Life As You Know It


Remove all the fog from your funnel

RollWorks plays nice with the biggest CRM and marketing automation (MA) names in the business, providing you with the visibility needed for full-funnel marketing, allowing you to become a laser-focused, precision-targeting marketing machine.

Move data both ways.

Highly targeted ads going out. Meaningful insight coming in.

Be extremely relevant. All the time.

Daily syncs ensure any CRM/MA changes made today are reflected in all your ads tomorrow.



Precision targeting, reinvented for B2B

With DNA rooted in the AdRoll Group’s proven prospecting and targeting expertise, RollWorks has reinvented the way B2B-targeting works.

Target with intent.

Go beyond an IP-based approach by mapping all your customer data to IntentMap, our very own datagraph of 1.2+ billion digital profiles.

Double your data fun.

When you connect your CRM and MA systems to RollWorks, you’re connecting to the world’s largest opt-in intent data and a robust set of email and cookie data, doubling your ability to engage contacts in your target accounts.

Make every attribute count.

Target contacts within accounts based on any attribute defined in your CRM and MA systems. The more specific you get, the more successful you’ll be at reaching that person across channels, devices, and locations.



The #1 side effect of better technology: better results

Get more done, with less hassle, thanks to proven technologies that do the busy work for you.

Drive constant value with BidIQ.

Constantly improve your bidding, ad optimization, budgeting, and targeting with an AI solution that delivers over 5x the ROI of alternative ABM platforms.

Dial up your relevance with dynamic ads.

Leverage your customers’ lead scores or opportunity stages to engage them with messaging they want to hear, exactly when they want to hear it.

Add automation that fits your workflow with APIs.

Ditch the grunt work and focus on what you do best by automating your workflow tasks using the RollWorks APIs.


Prove you’ve made an impact

What good is driving business growth if you can’t prove it? Demonstrate measurable impact at both the account and contact level with reporting tools featuring advanced attribution.

View reports right from your CRM and MA systems.

Better understand your marketing impact along the entire customer journey with connectors that let you view RollWorks performance within your CRM and MA systems.

Level up the reporting detail.

Get reporting that reaches deep into each account—down to the performance data for individual contacts at specific sales stage levels. By connecting RollWorks to your CRM and MA systems, your whole sales funnel comes into view.

Retargeting Revolutionized

  • 4x

    Retargeting ROI

  • +28%

    marketing-qualified leads

  • +2.2%

    of churned accounts re-engaged

“We’re thrilled with how RollWorks performs. As far as an investment it’s a no-brainer. We consistently see a positive ROI both in revenue and in leads.”

John Wright, Digital Optimization Manager, Oracle Dyn

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