Identification Solution

ICP Insights

Create a shared definition of your ideal customer profile (ICP) and do more with your campaigns.

ICP Insights

Features of ICP Insights

Funnel stage insights

Surface shared firmographic traits for your existing customers or any stage in your pipeline. Leverage our customer intelligence software to identify high-fit accounts and ensure alignment across your B2B sales and marketing initiatives.

Website visitor insights

Understand who is visiting your website with views into company size, industry, job function, and more. Our target audience analysis software evaluates if your current traffic reflects your ICP, or if you should be targeting additional audiences.

Benefits of ICP Insights

  • Align sales and marketing. Turn your existing customer and funnel data into an ICP that’s shared across marketing and sales.

  • Gauge campaign effectiveness. Evaluate if your current sales and marketing programs are attracting accounts that match your ICP.

  • Discover new opportunities. If unexpected industries or companies are visiting your website, there may be an opportunity to pursue a new type of customer.

  • Tiptoe to account-based. Take the firmographic traits surfaced by our customer intelligence tools and run account-based prospecting campaigns.

How ICP Insights Works

  1. Place the RollWorks pixel on your site.

  2. Within the RollWorks dash, identify the audience data you want to analyze. Choose from a funnel stage in your CRM or MAP connected to RollWorks, a CSV with your top customer data, or visitor data from a specific page on your site (such as your pricing or demo page).

  3. Select the attribute you want to explore:

    • Company revenue
    • Company size
    • Industry
    • Job title
    • Geography
  4. The RollWorks dashboard will display the firmographic attributes associated with that audience.

  5. Armed with these insights you can take action:

    • Share the information with sales to ensure that you're targeting the same types of companies.
    • Purchase contacts on the buying committee (via Contact Data) that work at companies that match your ICP.
    • Run cross-channel marketing programs to engage high-intent companies that match your ICP.

Take the lead with the power of your data and ours

Your data is more powerful than you might think. Whether you’re an ABM vet or just starting, turn your data into account-based insights. Also, we partner with the best firmographic data vendors and B2B intent data providers to ensure you make a big impact.

Become more account-based

Turn your customer data into an ICP to ensure sales and marketing are pursuing the same companies.

Advance account-based strategies

Create stronger target account lists that include key contacts on the buying committee.

Boost your data assets

Enjoy our constantly updated B2B customer database of 320M contacts across 18M accounts.

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