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Account-Based Retargeting

Engage your target accounts (even without a target account list)

Combine the value of account-based marketing with the proven success of retargeting and prospecting.

Benefits of Account-Based Retargeting

Amplify your digital ad campaigns. Increase the likelihood of closing the deal by expanding your retargeting to other key decision makers at high-intent accounts.

Win over the entire buying committee. Influence a six- to eight-person buying committee, not just your one site visitor.

Make every dollar count. Improve the ROI of your ad spend by targeting accounts that show buying intent.

Map site visitors to accounts, and then expand the contact list from beyond site visitors to the buying committee at those accounts.

How Account-Based Retargeting Works

  1. Add the AdRoll Group pixel to your site.

  2. Create a new digital ad campaign with account-based retargeting audience selections.

  3. Select a URL segment you care about. Ideal URL segments have high traffic and high-intent visitors such as a pricing or demo page. RollWorks will find the cookies that have visited that URL segment in the last 30 days, match them to their company domains, and then find additional cookies from those domains that fit your ICP.

  4. Select filters for the campaign including:

    • Domains to suppress, such as accounts in active negotiations.

    • Firmographic filters, such as company size or job function of buyer.

    • Intent filters, such as the number of cookies from one domain that have to visit before amplifying retargeting to an entire account.

  5. You can now set up your audience to run an account-based retargeting campaign. The rest is as easy peasy as other retargeting campaigns.

Display Ads from RollWorks

Whether you have a target account list, a defined ideal customer profile (ICP), or nothing more than site traffic, RollWorks can help you influence high-intent accounts to become customers.

Score with account-based ads

Run familiar demand-gen tactics like retargeting and prospecting with the ability to filter or amplify reach based on your ICP or target account list.

Reach key decision makers

Our ads and emails reach an average 91% of the specific decision makers you care about to maximize ROI.

Serve highly-personalized ads

Use CRM or marketing automation data to nurture accounts with messages personalized to role, lead score, opportunity stage,  and more.

Automate performance

Our proprietary AI manages everything from targeting to budget optimization, resulting in 5x the ROI versus other account-based marketing vendors.

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